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Science of Asphalt

Preserving our roads for tomorrow with smarter chemistry

At BASF, we’re proud to support the pavement industry with science-driven innovations that improve binder properties and enhance road quality.

Learn how BASF’s asphalt emulsions lead to safer driving conditions and longer lasting, cost-effective roads.

Ties and latex that bind

The BASF team is dedicated to serving the pavement preservation industry. We are long-time active partners in leading asphalt associations.

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You trust BASF’s portfolio of polymers for asphalt emulsion to build roads that are safer, longer lasting, and more cost effective. You also depend on BASF to be a trusted partner that supports your business every step of the way. We're here for you with latex engineered to meet the rigorous highway standards of today and forward-thinking chemistries for tomorrow.

For performance improvements that matter, count on BASF to advance the science of asphalt.